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ver the Edge Productions is proud to introduce the gear testing section.  This segment added to our site is to individually try, test, and respond to products for our sponsors or private companies that wish to promote and market a product or products.


Over the Edge Productions offers multiple manners of product marketing.  We will bring your product to the eyes of your consumers via our website, local events, abroad endeavors, movies, and our constant self-driven on-field adventures.

At Over the Edge Productions, we are continuously adventuring, studying, and networking in order to stay fresh in an already booming industry of extreme sports. With over a decade of professional extreme athleticism and working with multiple companies and sponsors on research and development of all sorts of products, we can ensure a positive, experienced, knowledgeable review of your product. We want to ensure future users an experience of a lifetime.

We will test any and all extreme outdoor adventure sport products including:

Base Jumping gear
Skydiving gear
Rock Climbing gear
Mountaineering and Camping gear

Please check out our gear test tabs at the top of the page for our current sponsors.


Icebreaker logo

During our prior, non-Icebreaker recons, we found ourselves soaking wet through all of our gear causing us discomfort and inhibiting our performance. These missions included multi km hiking, multi pitch repels, carrying 2 different gear bags, 2 different cliff ascents and a river traverse. Days were running into 8 to 11 hours long with all of the different disciplines and conditions: water, icefalls, rivers, and spray. It was quite difficult to stay comfortable and functional. When we were introduced to Icebreaker gear before our final expedition to open Helmcken falls, we found ourselves comfortable, warm, and dry throughout an extensive 11 hour day of the above activities.

We recommend Icebreaker as your first layer, unquestionably. If at first the affordability of Icebreakers shies you away, do not doubt the quality of this product. If you haven’t experienced merino wool, definitely look it up. It is the key component to this product. It is the warmest, breathable water wicking layer we have ever tried.

Here are a few pics from adventures we have been on with our Icebreaker gear.

Icebreaker gear in action

Welcome Taiga!

We are looking forward to testing your cold weather gear against some truly harsh environments.

I am used to the negative temperatures growing up in northern Ontario. Negative 40 degrees celsius wasn’t unfamiliar and being a prior professional snowboarder, I have spent a lot of my life in cold winter days.

On my way up, down and upon countless mountains, I have viewed, worn, and tested many different companies’ winter clothing lines. Yet I look forward more than ever to taking this gear line-up to the limits. I will be bringing it to Baffin Island for 26 days and nights of mountaineering, wingsuit B.A.S.E. jumping and arctic winter camping. This gear will be put to the test through it all this spring 2010.

You can check out the expedition here: BaffinBase.com

Please watch for my gear feedback reports on the items listed below after my trip; and check out their line of gear on their site: TaigaWorks.ca


Alpinist Jacket

Ellesmere Jacket

Expedition Pants

Expedition Mitts

Expedition Booties

Expedition Gaitors

Wild Cat Water-Resistant Goosedown Sleeping Bag (Dryloft®)





Cheers to Hillsound!


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